Monday, August 21, 2017

Playground Tinkercad

Hey Blog World, today we got to create a a playground using tinkercad because Mr Riceman thought we should design a new junior playground because it was recently removed. When we finished making our playgrounds we had to screencastify it and explain all the angles. The hard bit was finding a quiet spot because other people were being noisy on the deck. I liked it because I liked designing the playground/equiptment. Heres my screencastify. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment. 

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Student Led Toolkits

Hey blog world, this week I went with 24 other students in our school to New Windsor School. We had to either present or learn about something on our chromebook. I learnt how to do incredibox and play prodigy. Oscar, Sam and Bruno did a presentation about slides animation. Amie, Lily and Izzy did a presentation on how to create and play a kahoot. We had so much fun. We had competitions like the sphero edu programming game. We had to control a ball using an ipad. Then we zig zagged through cones. That was fun. They picked prizes after. Then we left. I loved the day. I enjoyed learning new things and meeting new people. Something hard was when it didn't make sense or my chromebook wasn't working properly. It was really annoying. But I still enjoyed myself. Heres a slideshow of the day. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Mountain Inquiry

Hey Blog world, this term for inquiry we've been learning about mountains. Te Waka Ako is learning about this because were going to Mout Ruapehu for camp. Part of our inquiry was writing down the snow code is at Mt Ruapehu. Those are the rules at the mountain we have to keep to be safe or to set an example to others. We had to create an infographic about it. I really enjoyed this because I liked writing it down and having fun with Piktochart. The hard bit was finding symbols for the rules/snow code. But eventually I found symbols for them. Heres my infographic and the snow code it's self. Hope you enjoy. Please Feel free to comment on my blog.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Choir Rehersal

This week the school choir went to Glen Eden Intermidiate. We had our second B choir practice. We went to learn a new set of songs. At choir rehersal we practiced standing up and sitting down. The songs we practiced were man in the mirror, time to say goodbye, Can't help falling in love, I'll be there and Jump jive and wail, mist on the river and in our childrens eyes. What I liked about it was having fun singing the songs. What I disliked was when we got in trouble and when the teachers got annoyed. We had fun doing it and there were only small incidents where people got in trouble. I had a fun day and in the end we got the job done and learnt the next few songs. I can't wait until the next rehersal.

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Friday, July 28, 2017


Hey blog world, this week we started our literacy tumble. We have to do different tasks for different subjetcs e.g(Writing,reading and spelling). I did the spelling task this week. The spelling task was suffixes. We had to watch a video, play a game and make a poster for suffixes. A suffix is the end of a word. You will learn more through the video. When we were learning about it the hard bit was the game. It was so hard figuring out the answer sometimes. But it was fun making the poster though. Heres the video and my poster. Hope you enjoy this post. Please feel free to comment on my blog. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Te Reo Maori

Hey blog world, this week on our first day back into school we did Te Reo Maori. We learnt our Pepehas. We got a sheet with blankspaces on each line. we had to fill in info like where we come from, which town we live in, our family name, our first name, your mothers name, your fathers name and a river you feel you have a connection with. When we finished we had to screencastify us saying it or reading it. I had fun doing it because I love learning Te Reo. Especially because its one of the New Zealand languages. The New Zealand languages are Sign language, english and Maori. What was difficult was saying the Maori words properly. I didn't want to mess up. But my teacher Mr Ross told us to use Maori dictionary to help us say the pronounciation. It was so much fun doing it. Heres my screencastify. Hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Procedural Writing

This week for writing I went in my group wordsmiths. We wrote a procedural on something we knew how to cook. In Te Waka Ako we'v leant these passed few weeks that a procedural is to write instructions on how to make, cook or do something. Bossy verbs and nouns NEED to be included. In our writing group some people did toast and chicken as there topic to do the procedural on. But I chose butter chicken. First we had to explain what we needed like the equiptment and ingredients. Then we wrote our procedural for the food. What I found fun was having different ideas and writing what I knew. What I found difficult was deciding what food I was going to do. I also found remembering the steps hard. But I found something to writte about and idn the end I did my peace of writing. Heres my procedural hope you like it. Please feel free to comment.