Friday, September 29, 2017

Cybersmart My Maps

Hey Blog World, this week for cybersmart we discussed the connections we made on our blogs with other schools, like commenting or posting. Then we went on google maps and used the function my maps with Gerhard and discussed all the other clusters that are like Ako Hiko. Then on maps we used different layers to label all five clusters. The names of the clusters are Uru Manuka, Ako Hiko, Manaiakalani, Kootuitui, and Toki Pounamu. We added all the schools in those clusters to each layer. The challenging bit was adding all the schools to the layers because sometimes there were a lot of schools in the clusters. It was fun because we got to find out what other schools there are in NZ. It was fun doing cybersmart with Gerhard. I learnt so much about the other clusters. Here's the map I did. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hey Blog World, for inquiry these past term we have been working on our presentation on mountains. First we had to pick a topic e.g(Animals, sports even a movie on mountains), I picked the movie alive. This movie was based on a true story about a plane crash in the mountains. Then we put our priorknowledge into a define map. We put all the knowledge we knew into relevant and in relevant box. Then we put questions on a google document. After that we researched and found the answers to our questions. Then it came to the exciting bit. We went and the teachers let us present our inquiry any which way we wanted e.g(art, a website, a video or a google slide animation) . Later this week we might get into small groups and take turns presenting our information. The challenging thing was that sometimes it was hard to find the information on my questions. But the part I really enjoyed was when I got to do my presentation. I really enjoyed this experience because I liked finding out more information on mountains. I also had fun doing my presentation. Here's my presentation. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment. Click on the link below please.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Living on a lava flow tinkercad

Hey Blog World, we were given a new literacy tumble. On this literacy tumble it gave us the task to create a tinkercad for a setting in our text. We also had to do a summary on piktochart. The text my group read was living on a lava flow in the School Journal. The challenging thing was that I struggled to pick a setting so I can create a tinkercad of it. This was because with the limited shapes it was hard to pick which setting to create. I enjoyed it because I liked creating the setting and writing about the story in my own words. Here's my tinkercad from all angles, and my piktochart summary. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Dance & Music

Hey Blog World, these past few weeks we have been doing dance and music. Different people from each of the three classes in Te Waka Ako have been going into different groups with different teachers. Then we split off into different groups in each class. 

We practiced dances to music. We had the choice of two different pieces of music. There was an upbeat one and a slow one. First we looked at some slides for motivation. The two pieces of music were put on the slides too. Next we created a beginning to our dance and showed it to our group. Then the next couple of weeks after, on Wednesdays, we had to create the whole dance to the music. We didn't have to dance to the whole piece of music. We could say when we wanted the music to stop. Only a few groups danced to the end of the music. After a couple of weeks  we showed our whole class our dances. Then the next day we did our dances in front of the whole syndicate. It was fun. 

The challenging thing was sometimes my group didn't collaborate properly and argued a lot (includng me). The positive thing was we had fun dancing when we weren't arguing. My reflection- I had fun doing the dance. I also liked performing in front of the syndicate. Performing is one of the things I am good at. From this experience I learnt that I should think about other people's ideas. I also learnt that working with people I don't really know about teaches me more about their personalities and I also learnt how to collaborate with others. Here's the slides and videos of our dances. Please feel free to comment. 

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cross Country 2017

Hey Blog World, this week we had our cross country. Despite all the bad weather we had to do it in order to have people in our cross country zones. The juniors did one lap of their course. Then the seniors did two laps of theirs. The juniors ran 1 km and the seniors ran 2 km's. This year we did cross country different because the grass was so muddy. The year sixes like me, had the last race because while the other years 1-5 weren't racing we were keeping them company and playing games with them. We played ball games and blindfold games. They also played with the school's terako stick and a station game where you had to move to different stations. Then their was the year sixes warming them up before the big race. They did excercises like star jumps and running on the spot. Then four year sixes guided them through the course because it was their first time running the course and they didn't know where to go. It felt challenging because sometime's the kids wouldn't listen to me while me and my group of leaders were giving them instructions. But it felt good because I liked it when the kids listened, had fun and were smiling and laughing having a good time. I had fun today and know that the purpose wasn't just a race. It was to keep our fitness up to make our heart rate healthier. 


I had such a fun time today. I had fun being a leader and watching everyone including my friends run cross country and enjoy themselves. I hope that in Intermidiate next year cross country will be just as fun as this year.

Here's some photos and videos of the day. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Magical World Of Crazy Science

Hey Blog World, today we had a science show. Richard and Robyn hosted the show. They showed us cool tricks and taught us about crazy science. Robyn was the Dj of the show and Richard was the magician. He showed us all the cool tricks and taught us about gravity, carbon dioxide, oxygen and chemicals. We learnt about chemical reactions. We also learnt about nappies and how they work. We learnt that there is a chemical powder in nappies that turns liquid in to solid. I wondered in the show about the nappies and where they put the powder. I also wondered how gravity had to do with science. I liked the tricks though. I had fun today and learnt so much about science. I feel that science is more enjoyable now. I also think I might think about being a scientist for my career. Here's some photos and videos of the show. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.




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Friday, September 8, 2017


Hey Blog World, these past few weeks we have been working on our pepeha's. We had to write it onto our art book and plan our colours and tukutuku panel drawings. When we finished our rough/practice copy we got an A4 piece of paper and copied our pepeha's. Except this time we coloured all the tukutuku panels. It was fun because I got to present who I am and learn about my family backgroud. It was challenging because it was hard drawing the tukutuku panels. From this experience I learnt more about my family background. Here's a photo and video of my pepeha. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

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