Friday, December 8, 2017

Athletics Zones

Hey blogging world, we recently just had athletics zones. We went to three kings reserve and versed 8 other schools. We came third place out of the whole day. In relays we came second out of all the schools.  We had so much fun on the day.
Reflection- I had so much fun on the day. I loved meeting new friends and competing against other schools. 

Here´s some photos of the day. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

Gala Thinking hats reflection

Hey blog world, this week we did a reflection of the gala day using the six thinking hats. We had to explain the details, the positives, negatives and we had to explain what we could have improved from the day and what other things we could do in the community. Then we had to add two photos in each slide of the day. The six thinking hats have colors the colors are blue, white, green, black, red, yellow. The black hat is negative things, yellow is positive things, the white hat is information or details of the day, the red hat what you feel. Then the black hat, the black hat is the negatives and bad things, the green hat is what could possibly happen and the blue hat is what happens next or after that event.

This was fun, I really enjoyed doing the thinking hats. I really found writing down the answers easy. But the challenging bit was putting the answers into full sentences because it was sometimes hard to put it in to sentences.

Here´s the slides. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Hey bloggers, this Saturday is our school gala at Waikowhai Primary School. Come down and buy food, soap, tote bags, recycled paper and so much more. It starts at 10:00 .a.m and finishes at 3:00 p.m. So come down and have some fun.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cybersmart Game

Hey Blog World, for cyber smart this week we played the cybersmart game. We had to complete the taske on the images. We had a dice generator. If you got good rolls you wouldn't have to do that much. If you got bad ones you had to do heaps of tasks. The tasks were on how to be cyber smart. It was really fun playing it. I liked doing the taskcards. They had challenges that were interesting. I found the slides challenging because the videos wouldn't work sometimes.

Reflection- I had so much fun. It reminded me of last year when we did it. Except we had to create a game that was different to it.

Here's the google drawings and slides. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

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Gala Advertising

Hey Blog World, the past few weeks for inquiry we have been working on advertising because we have a gala day coming up. We have been making Digital Posters, paper posters flyers, and videos. Me and my friend Hame have been working on our huge big paper poster. We copied it off our drawing we made. It was fun making it with him and collaborating with him. But the challenging thirng was we both didn't want to draw and colour the poster.

Reflection- I had so much fun advertising our gala day. Working with my friend was fun and I learnt that sometimes your friends do things differently to the way you do things and also what stands out and what doesn't stand out on a poster.

Here's my big poster and my digital ones. Hope you enjoy please feel free to comment.

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Book Review

Hey Blog World, the past few weeks we have been working on a book review. We were given a novel to read. As we read it we had to fill in the slides. The slides were filled with tasks and questions. We had to complete it. We also had fill in the beggining, middle and end. That was our plot. We also had to fill in words we didn't understand in the book. This experience was fun. I found the book interesting and I loved creating characters using build my wild self. The challenging thing was the six thinking hats.In some of the hats I couldn't think of some ideas to put into the hat. 

Reflection- This experience was fun. I loved reading the book. It was really interesting. It reminded me of the time I did it last year. It was fun using screencastify to read my favourite part of the story

Here's my slide's . Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

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Math Slides

Hey blog world, for maths these first few weeks in Te Waka Ako we have been doing budgeting. We were going from Invercargill to Cape Reinga. We had eleven days, each day we had 500$ to spend. We also had rent a rental car and pay for gas. We had to think about the prices of acomadation to. But we always had to keep to our budget of 500$ per day in use. I really enjoyed the maths because I liked seeing what activities we could do. What I found challenging was keeping budget because in some places like Christchurch and Queenstown had activities that could have taken me over budget. I hope we can do it again. It is similar to what we did it last year, except we had a budget of 40$ and we had to see which one was cheaper McDonalds or homemade burgers. Here's my slides. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.        

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